Disclaimer for Instafresh:

Instafresh is an independent grocery delivery service that is not affiliated with any big box retailers mentioned or used for sourcing products. We want to make it clear that we do not own any interest in the stores we shop at. Our sole purpose is to provide a convenient grocery shopping and delivery service to our customers in Houston.

We take pride in being a locally-owned small business, dedicated to creating job opportunities within our community. Instafresh is committed to offering an alternative and convenient delivery option for customers who seek a personalized and locally-oriented service. By choosing Instafresh, you are supporting a small business that values the community and aims to make grocery shopping more accessible and time-efficient for everyone.

Disclaimer for Rightscart:

Rightscart is an online delivery platform that serves businesses of all sizes, from small retailers to large brands, by providing comprehensive delivery solutions. It's important to note that Rightscart is not affiliated with any big box retailers mentioned on the platform. We do not have any ownership interests in the stores listed by businesses on our platform.

As a locally-owned small business, Rightscart is committed to creating job opportunities and contributing to the growth of the community. Our platform offers businesses an opportunity to list and provide services to customers seeking diverse delivery options. By choosing Rightscart, you are supporting a locally-owned initiative that values community, convenience, and the empowerment of businesses, both small and large.