What is instafresh marketplace?

Instafresh is a locally-owned e-commerce service dedicated to transforming the grocery shopping experience for customers in Houston. Specializing in grocery delivery, Instafresh offers a unique service where customers can enjoy the convenience of having their groceries picked and delivered to their doorstep without the need to visit stores themselves.

The distinguishing feature of Instafresh is its approach to sourcing products. Instead of maintaining its own inventory, Instafresh collaborates with various big box retailer stores. This strategic partnership allows Instafresh to offer a wide range of products, leveraging the diverse selections available at these retailers. Customers benefit from the convenience of accessing a variety of items without the necessity of visiting multiple stores.

It is important to note that Instafresh is an independent service and is not affiliated with or does not own any interest in the stores it shops from. This ensures transparency and impartiality in the selection of products, as Instafresh aims solely to provide a reliable and efficient grocery delivery service.

The primary focus of Instafresh is to cater to customers who seek a locally-owned e-commerce solution for their grocery needs. By entrusting Instafresh with the task of shopping at different big box retailer stores, customers save valuable time and effort. This service is particularly beneficial for those who prefer the convenience of online grocery shopping and delivery, eliminating the need to physically go to stores.

In summary, Instafresh stands as a dedicated grocery delivery service, committed to offering a seamless and time-saving solution for customers in Houston. Through its partnerships with big box retailer stores, Instafresh ensures a diverse product selection, making it a reliable choice for those who seek the convenience of a locally-owned e-commerce service.


What Solution we have for Retailer?

Rightscart.com is an innovative online delivery platform designed to cater to businesses of all sizes, ranging from small retailers to large brands. With a focus on providing comprehensive delivery solutions, Rightscart.com facilitates businesses in efficiently reaching and serving their customers through a user-friendly and accessible platform.

One key feature of Rightscart.com is its inclusivity, welcoming businesses of varying scales to list their services on the platform. Whether you are a small local retailer or a prominent brand, Rightscart.com offers a solution to streamline your delivery services and enhance customer satisfaction.

Signing up with Rightscart.com is a straightforward process, designed to be hassle-free for businesses. Interested parties can easily register on the website or download the dedicated Rightscart app from the Play Store for Android devices or the Apple Store for iOS devices. This accessibility ensures that businesses can quickly get started and take advantage of the platform's capabilities.

For businesses looking to expand their reach and improve their delivery services, Rightscart.com provides a centralized hub where they can list their products or services. By doing so, businesses can tap into a broader customer base, reaching consumers who prefer the convenience of online platforms for their shopping and delivery needs.

Rightscart.com emphasizes user-friendliness, ensuring that businesses can efficiently manage their listings and deliveries through the platform. This ease of use extends to both the website and the mobile app, allowing businesses to navigate and utilize the platform with minimal effort.

In summary, Rightscart.com stands as a versatile online delivery platform catering to businesses of all sizes, from small retailers to large brands. The platform's commitment to inclusivity, coupled with its easy sign-up process and user-friendly interface, positions Rightscart.com as a valuable resource for businesses seeking to optimize their delivery services and connect with a broader customer base.


What are the Delivery Charges?

At Instafresh, we aim to provide affordable and convenient delivery services to our valued customers in the Houston area. Our delivery charges are designed to be transparent and competitive, ensuring that you receive your groceries without breaking the bank.

  • Delivery Charges Range: Our delivery charges fall within the range of $7.95 to $9.95, offering flexibility to accommodate various orders and distances.

  • Up to 30 Mile Radius: Instafresh extends its delivery services within a 30-mile radius, allowing us to reach customers across a wide area. This ensures that even those at a distance can benefit from our convenient and cost-effective delivery.

  • Low Same Day Delivery Charges: We understand the importance of timely deliveries. With our commitment to customer satisfaction, we offer low same-day delivery charges, making it convenient for you to receive your groceries when you need them.

  • No Minimum Orders: Instafresh believes in flexibility. That's why we have eliminated minimum order requirements for our delivery services. Whether you need a few essentials or a full grocery list, we are here to serve you without imposing minimum spend restrictions.

  • Low Grocery Prices: In addition to our reasonable delivery charges, Instafresh is dedicated to offering low grocery prices. We strive to make quality groceries affordable for everyone, ensuring that you not only save on delivery but also on the products you love.

  • Delivery Only in Houston Area: Currently, our delivery services are exclusively available in the Houston area. We focus on providing exceptional service to our local community, ensuring that residents can enjoy the convenience of having groceries delivered right to their doorstep.

Instafresh is committed to offering a seamless and affordable grocery delivery experience. Our transparent delivery charges, coupled with low grocery prices, reflect our dedication to making your shopping experience both convenient and budget-friendly.